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There is many theories on how to build your fanbase as a newcomer into the music industry, you can showcase your music alone, which if it's good enough and you know basic of marketing you can build a fanbase around that.

Another approach is in case you music isn't quite a the level of attracting people by itself, you can use social media and livestreaming (not necessarily music) to build a fan base around your personna helping you grow at the same time as your music.

Or doing live gigs or concerts. If you can play an instrument or you are a Dj start to either organise or find gigs where you can showcase yourself ( now with covid 19 this route is harder) but not impossible.

Keep working on yourself, and start to learn as many craft as possible in order to stand out.

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Music making is hard, not easy, and requires loads of patience we know that.

But to write better music you need to learn few basic things.

1. Songwriting: not necessarily lyrics, but the fact you are able to know and understand the rules behind songwriting ie: music theory to a basic degree. Will help you dramatically to write better music. Once you know the rules you can break them.

2. Arrangement: it is the art of making your song interesting through outnthe whole song. Copy famous arrangement and twist them to make it yours.

3. It's your music don't blatantly copy others, create your own style starting from what you already like, no one is asking you to invent the wheel, just out some sparkles to it

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A common doubt to young producers is do I follow the trends or be original, we say take the trends and make them your own, don't sound like everybody else, sound like you

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