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If you have been long enough trying to become an artist, or anything related to being recognised, you probably have heard about branding.

Branding is your identity to the world, it is how the world perceives you, and it is fundamental you send the right message to the people, so they know what to expect from you.

Branding goes from the design of your logo, to how you speak in public appearances, it is key to plan ahead what your brand would tell, but it is not rigid, you can adapt it and change accordingly, many brands do a so called rebranding, so don;t be afraid of doing so if you feel that is not working for you.

here are some key elements to bear in mind.

1. Whats your story? This is whats the story you want to portrait to the people, from where you come, your roots essentially.

2. Colour scheme, what colours feel true to you, this may be weird, but choosing colours that you identify with as something to represent you may help you tone everything around them.

3. To who do you want to speak? You need to adapt your way to the people you want to talk to.

Here is a summary of our Brand for example.

We are Teide Records, A London based Record label, but our Roots are in the Island of Tenerife, from where our Founder is, Because of this, we use, blue, yellow and white colours in our website, along with oranges, why? Sun, Blue sky, Sea, all thing that represent Teide in general. also white yellow and blue are the colour of the Canarian flag. and we want to speak to you young artists, that are coming to the industry, and are lost in the whole business side of the industry, and we want to help by making it fair for you.

This is our Story, what is yours?

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  • Writer's pictureViktorija Rakunaite

Electronic Music producers believe that learning how to sound design and how to mix and master are their key to success. But then they feel like they don't progress and they focus on becoming a better producer... The truth is they may actually benefit from getting better at songwriting, which means improvement on melodies, transitions to sections and more.

Always remember - the biggest songs are made with traditional instruments, your sound design won't matter at all if your songwriting is poor.

You can do this. Focus on what matters most, not on what everyone else is doing.

  • Writer's pictureViktorija Rakunaite

Promotion, promotion, promotion - that's the word you will hear the most as an artist. Not talent, not interest, just promotion. If you create a masterpiece and no one hears it - was it a masterpiece? Or just wasted potential?

With this in mind, we are not a promotion agency, but we have learned a few things along the way.

1. To promote on social media. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE, always access the Advertising sites on social media through a laptop or Pc. Why? Because they offer you greater opportunities to customise your ad to the people that will be interested in your music.

2. PROMOTION IS NOT SPAM. Obviously, we know what spam is. Right? Think again. Spam is accessing a private channel (email, phone, etc) that hasn't been granted to you willingly and using it for promotional content. What we are talking about is showcasing your content to people on public channels, this can be through social media or public places.

3. Promotion without follow-up is a waste of time and money. If you create a stunning ad that brings potentially hundreds or thousands of people and you don't have any more plans of creating similar content (more music, more videos, more anything you like), those hundreds of people won't show up again. Similarly, if you create a promotional campaign and you haven't got any prior content to make them stay until the new content arrives - that gives the same results.

Finally, showcase your art to the world, don't think promotion or paying for views is cheating. IT'S NOT. Big companies do it all the time. You are a business as well as an artist so think of it that way.

Plan your content, pre-campaign and post-campaign. This is not magic - you need a strategy.

Contact us if you have further questions.

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