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Ways to succeed in the music industry

Success in the music industry is difficult and no one denies it. It is a crowded market and requires a lot of effort to stand out.

1. Learn as much as you can, not only how to write good music, but also how to promote it, how to create a brand around your music, how to work with others, and many other skills you'll need at first when you're a one-man business.

2. There is more than one money stream in music, not only the one that comes from streaming, you can sell merchandising, make samples, license your music to film, games, TV and more. Don't focus too much on a piece of cake. Try to have as many sources as possible of income.

3. Collaborate with others will help you in your career, but you will also be aware of the sharks in the business for which you are the prey and try to take advantage of you.

Keep working, keep growing and be smart with your career and you'll succeed

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