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Consistency or Speed, What's best?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Often, we hear that consistency will win over speed, the story of the

turtle and the bunny, for example, but what about when talking about creative matters?

When is it consistency actually preventing you from progressing?

We believe that obviously being constant in your work will benefit you in the long run, but sometimes being able to quickly identify when something is not working or it won't work is more important than keep consistently working on it.

How many song ideas have you worked for weeks constantly and not getting to a place you liked?

Maybe it was a better idea to quickly discard it and get another one.

Or trying to get an idea quickly into a full arrangement, so you can then develop that later.

Sometimes speed is a good idea, especially when working on music, or any arts where occasionally the best tracks are the ones that are done quickly.

Carry on being consistent working every day, but don't waste your time constantly on something that doesn't work.

what you think ?

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