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Diversify Revenues and Royalties

All artists and businesses get told to diversify their revenue, find many ways to earn revenue and don't depend on a single income source. However, this is always easier said than done.

You as an artist have different options.

1. Royalties from your music: yes this is obvious, but some artists don't know that you are entitled to 2 different royalties. (Publishing and mechanical) most of you believe that what you get from Spotify etc is all you have, and that's not true. Once you start performing and your music gets used in ads or films or anything else including radio. You need to get register with a PRO to be able to first register your work, and secondly to get paid publishing royalties.

2. Merch sales: you can design or pay someone to design logos or merchandise related to your releases or brand. And sell them in conjunction with your releases.

3. Performance fee: this can be achieved by yourself or through a booking agency. Which is a way of earning money by you Performing in front of a crowd, generally with performances comes along the merch sales, so you have the potential to do both in a single day.

Here at Teide Records, we want you to earn a living out of your work, that's why we offer a split of royalties, we also offer a merchandise site where you can sell yours at no extra cost for you, this split will correlate to our split before and after recoupment, so if you are unrecouped you get 20% any sales, and the 80% left goes towards your recoupment once the songs are recouped this becomes 50% - 50% for as long as you want us to keep your merch in our store! If you want 100 then you can take your merch and sell it independently 👌

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